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New Member Sign Up Instructions


Residents of Jacksonville, Florida and it's bordering counties are eligible for consideration of membership. A background check is performed and anyone who is a convicted felon is not eligible to join. All applications must be approved by our parent lodge FOP 5-30.

The following applies to all newly submitted applications for membership.

All applications submitted are granted "Provisional Membership". All provisional members can attend meetings. Provisional members do not have the right to vote on lodge business. After approval of the parent lodge, the applicant is invited to attend a meeting to be sworn in as a member. Provisional membership ends when the applicant takes the oath of membership. Any provisional member who is refused membership with be refunded any dues paid.



After filling out the application, you will be directed to paypal for payment. You are not required to have a Paypal account to pay. Simply choose Debit/Credit below the statement "Pay with Paypal".
Additionally, some members have informed us that their American Express cards sometimes don't work in the system. This is a Paypal issue that we can NOT control.